As a premium supplier of accessories for the armed forces and the police, we understand that functionality and the highest quality are paramount to the products of the Butonia-Kahage Group. If required, we offer 'tailor-made solutions'.
All work processes, from material procurement to production and final inspection, are accurately defined and comply with international requirements. Materials, qualities and colours are frequently tested.

Some examples:
- Clash hook - made entirely of metal, quick to attach, for webbing and band application, suitable for heavy
  tensile loads.
- GrimLoc - lightweight and corrosion resistant, an optimal replacement for heavy metal carabiners.
- Quick release buckle - available in different types, suitable for unlocking within seconds.
- Web Dominator - secures loose hanging cords and webbing. Simple to install and to remove.

A selection of our products are shown in the catalogue.

Contact our sales team for the full range.

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