Press Buttons/ rivets/ eyelets / Buttons

The Pull-the-DOT® snap fastener is specially developed for extreme applications.
This heavy three-sided lockable snap fastener withstands extreme pressure on three sides without unlocking. The clasp immediately loosens when pulling the fourth side.
The Pull-the-DOT® is self-perforating on standard application materials due to the ring-shaped eye construction. Pull-the-DOT® satisfies the American MIL-10884 specifications, style MS27983 Style 4.
In addition there is plenty of choice in our product range of standard snap fasteners in different qualities and materials. We advise snap fasteners made of metal and polyacetal for workwear due to the strength, hardness and especially shape-retention of these materials.

Rivets prevent the tearing of edges and corners but can also be used for decoration purposes.

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Eyelets are used to reinforce holes in fabrics and other material and to prevent tearing. They are available in several materials, shapes and sizes; they are indispensable in reinforcing the lining of tarpaulins, truck sails, tents, other sails and similar. We can deliver assembly tools for all products; accompanying machines if required.

We also offer buttons for workwear which are made from materials such as metals, melamine and polyamide; when required, flame retardant (FR) and infrared reflective (IR) coatings are also offered. 

All our items meet European requirements and many are STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified.

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